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Local florist Blooms by Dragonfly has been chosen to do a floral depiction of “Calypso” by American painter George Hitchcock. (Photo courtesy of Wendi Louks)

Zionsville florist Blooms by Dragonfly was chosen to participate in the second Art in Bloom event at Newfield’s Indianapolis Museum of Art, where it won Best in Show. The event ran from March 31 to April 3.

Featuring 27 floral displays of different works of art in the museum, 4000 N Michigan Rd., the event combines artwork with floral pieces created by local designers or flower shops.

Blooms by Dragonfly, 176 South Main St., was chosen to make a floral depiction of “Calypso” by American painter George Hitchcock.

Wendi Louks, owner of Blooms by Dragonfly, seized the opportunity and was thrilled to work with the awarded artwork.

“We were very excited when we saw our room, even ecstatic because it has so many colors that it was easy to imagine what we could do with the flowers to complement it,” Louks said. “We were very lucky to have such a beautiful piece to work with.”

The “Calypso” flower arrangement was designed by Blooms by Dragonfly employees Jessica Bohrer, Tish Cronin and Kate Shay.

“They did a terrific job,” Louks said. “I knew they would, but I was still impressed when I saw the end result.”

Although she was “more than confident” in her team’s ability to create a stunning design, Louks said the task was still a bit daunting.

“I think imagining what we could do to grab people’s attention while still respecting the artwork was the biggest challenge, because people come to see a professional artwork and our goal was really to ‘add to their experience with this,’” Louks said.

Louks hopes that Blooms by Dragonfly will be invited to participate again next year.

“They have two different types of rooms. They have the centerpieces, which are bigger, more complicated pieces, and then the pedestal pieces that complement a smaller piece of art,” Louks said. “Next year we want to face a showstopper.”


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