Wine Tasting Dinner and Floral Design Workshop in Palma


Cultivated to blend into the landscape, the wines of Villa Antinori have been a family property for 26 years and are passed down from generation to generation.

In 1928, Niccolò Antinori decided to name this wine after the family villa to represent his personal interpretation of the unique identity of Chianti Classico and Tuscany. Piero Antinori’s father, Niccolò, once described the creation of “Villa”: “At that time we needed to promote the Antinori name… which was still relatively unknown except in certain circles, so I chose the name “Villa Antinori”. ”

On June 14, in Palma, a beautiful hidden gem in the West Village, we tasted Tuscany wine – We tried the Bianco, Rosso and Chianti Classico Docg Riserva. Each wine captures its own territory through the contemporary style and distinct flavor of the wine.

During our three-course meal (from the burrata salad to the steak, every item on the menu was appetizing and paired perfectly with the wines), we were accompanied by Alessia Antinori, the youngest daughter of Piero Antinori, as well as of his two sisters. , the 26th generation now leads its legacy – one of the oldest family businesses in the world. The Antinori family has influenced wine and culture for centuries as one of Italy’s oldest and most prestigious producers. We were lucky enough to taste it here in New York!

After dinner, guests were taken to the flower design workshop, where we had a choice of a selection of delicate roses and lavender. Similar to the villa where the wine is made which is surrounded by gardens and automatic flowers, this evening transported us to the Tuscan vineyards. We were taught how each bouquet represented an individual story unique to the person designing it.

Wines and flowers from Villa Antinori have blended to create the ultimate tablescape for home entertaining.

This event not only showcased these wines, but also launched a series of Italian Garden Party wine brunches and workshops in Palma in July.

Here is a bit about each of the wines:

Tuscany, the famous Antinori family from Italy-Tuscany delivers this crisp white that opens with complex aromas touched by floral notes. Sweet and well-balanced, it has a long aromatic finish. Makes a great appetizer and is perfect with pizza, pasta and seafood.

Villa Antinori Chianti Classico Reserve, 2018

Wine Advocate-Tuscany, Italy – “ ”…The bouquet offers round, supple fruit notes with blackberry and summer cherry up front. You then get that characteristic crunch or freshness that derives from the acidity of the Sangiovese…””

Villa Antinori was first made in 1928 by Marchese Niccolò Antinori, the father of Piero Antinori, as the signature wine of the Antinori family; an exceptional wine that can represent the history, identity and continuity of the family like no other. “Villa Antinori is a purebred Tuscan red […] whose grapes are grown, matured and harvested in our Tuscan estates, then fermented and aged in the Antinori family estates.


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