Wakefield florist gets the call of his life at the Oscars


WAKEFIELD, Nebraska (KTIV) — A Siouxlander never imagined her work would lead to an invitation to the 2022 Oscars.

Sarah Ekberg has been providing flowers to the town of Wakefield since 2007, and in March she had the opportunity of a lifetime.

It all started as a simple craft fair that turned into a successful flower business and eventually led to an Oscar invite in March.

“At first when we stopped I couldn’t see because I was crying. It meant so much to me. So it was wonderful. It was a wonderful experience,” said Sarah Ekberg, owner of Lazy Acres Decor & Floral.

Ekberg never thought her flower business would take her to the heart of Los Angeles, as well as her very first visit to the ocean. All thanks to a connection with a friend.

“I have a colleague, his name is Don Wallsted, and he owns a business called Floral Strategies, and they help florists around the world. And over the years I got to know him and we became friends. And he was the florist in charge of the event, so he asked me if I would come, but I had to bring my girls,” Ekberg said.

Ekberg was invited to work on the floral designs for the Griot Gala’s Oscars After Party.

She made flower arrangements around the installation and made the flowers on the entrance of the purple carpet when the guests first arrived. She was excited and nervous to work on the biggest stage, but she stayed true to her roots.

“What was really exciting for me was learning that if you know something, you know something, and it doesn’t matter what size of town you’re from. If you know what you’re doing, it pays off and it shows,” Ekberg said.

It’s a memory that Sarah and her daughters will cherish forever.

“And it was just like, ‘Did this just happen? Did we really just make it?'” Ekberg said.

Ekberg pulled it off and was even invited back to next year’s Oscars.

Lazy Acres Decor & Floral delivers flowers all around Wakefield and surrounding areas. More information can be found on their website and Facebook page.

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