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7ACRES is known for growing some of the best premium cannabis strains in Canada. The company goes to extraordinary lengths to create cannabis that delivers a premium experience by focusing on better genetics, aroma, appearance, size, and flavor.

And it is these important features that help differentiate the brand from other mid-range products. Of course, cannabis exists in many different strains and subspecies, and each strain of cannabis has a different concentration of the cannabinoids tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), as well as other compounds. Growers and farmers have long selected different strains with certain characteristics to create specific hybrids and strains. According to Nick Jikomes, scientific director of Leafly.com, a resource focused on cannabis consumption and education, there is an art and science behind growing and breeding premium cannabis.


“Genetically, cannabis is also diverse – more diverse than humans. Because of this genetic diversity, there is a great deal of phenotypic diversity that accompanies the breeding of new cannabis strains.”

“The plant is very adaptable,” says Jikomes. “Genetically, cannabis is also diverse – more diverse than humans. Due to this genetic diversity, there is a lot of phenotypic diversity that accompanies the breeding of new cannabis strains. Different types of plants have different growth characteristics, physical characteristics, and cannabinoid/terpene profiles. All of these things affect the economics of how to grow a particular strain, how it smells and feels to the end consumer, and how hearty and easy to grow it will be. Because of all these variables, it takes years and years of experience for people to become expert growers. »

7ACRES has a lot of experience, having built a brand around its commitment to providing consumers with a premium cannabis experience, starting with creating better cannabis flower. For 7ACRES, creating better cannabis flower begins with carefully selected genetics that are bred in a 342,000 square foot facility in Kincardine, Ontario. The interior installation uses high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting and an advanced supplemental sunlight system that creates a unique finished flower, one that the company says is unlike anything else on the market. There is also a pride and respect for the genetic lineage and history of each cultivar, and the products are made by cannabis-savvy minds who share a passion for the product, from seed to packaging. This commitment to creating better cannabis flower is what drives the brand and ultimately delivers a premium cannabis experience with smooth smoke and clean ash.

“I like to think of strains in terms of chemical profile,” says Jikomes. “For example, a strain like Jack Haze, and many ‘Jack’ strains in general, tend to be THC-dominant with a terpene profile high in terpinolene. [editor’s note: terpinolene is a terpene that smells like pine/floral/citrus]. According to the Leafly strain database, these profiles correlate very strongly with energizing effects. You can compare this with strains that tend to have higher myrcene or caryophyllene levels (e.g. Papaya), which correlates with more calming effects.


To help show off the beauty of high-end cannabis, we asked forward-thinking florist Jaime McCuaig of GUNNAR Floral in Toronto to create a few experimental, innovative, and modern designs to help show off each of the unique strains and go above and beyond. common cannabis photography tropes. By incorporating cannabis buds into the designs, McCuaig was able to achieve a distinctive take on each strain.

“The floral sculptures were inspired by the personality and notes of each 7ACRES variety”

“The floral sculptures were inspired by the personality and notes of each 7ACRES strain we created,” says McCuaig, whose work has been featured everywhere from the Gardiner Museum to the singer-songwriter’s album artwork. Toronto native Cold Specks (aka Ladan Hussein). Each person’s profile helped determine which botanical ingredients would emulate or convey a particular attitude. Peppery berry, pine and milkweed silk for Jack Haze, whose profile expressed crisp pine and warm spice. Smooth purple-veined leaves, shimmering lunaria seed pods, and Lumina Anthurium came together for Sensi Star, which I wanted to feel racing through space and gasoline.

“I always try to challenge the perception of how flowers look and how they should be contained,” McCuaig says. “These sculptures intentionally float in space, which could cause them to be interpreted as cellular or towering in size. The bonsai element we used for Papaya is another nod to this intentional distortion of perspective.


Many sources of inspiration informed the final result. Disorienting our audience to encourage them to take a closer look was something I’m proud to have achieved. “McCuaig’s unique designs help tell the story behind 7ACRES and their firm belief that cannabis is ‘a gift the earth has given us to enhance our lives.’

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