The next trend in floral design will be botanical embroidery


“These creations must have worried me a lot, because one night I dreamed of these patterns of dried flowers on a dress. The next day I was in a haberdashery and I saw tulle passing by. Sieve and thought, I have to try to use it the same way; all i would need is something to stretch it with. This is how I started to use the embroidery hoop, because it made the tulle easier to use. “

Experiment with flowers

“At first I made the patterns with fresh flowers from my garden, then let them dry. The only problem was that the flowers were shrinking, leaving large spaces. I solved the problem by adding more flowers in between. J ‘was adding layer after layer not being sure where it would lead or what it would end up looking like, so I thought, Why not dry the flowers first and then use them? It was then that I started to research how to store flowers. Initially, I only used what I had collected and dried myself in my garden. I now use both store-bought dried flowers and the ones that I grow and dry myself, as there are varieties of pods that are not readily available for purchase. Dried flowers are experiencing a kind of rebirth; there are so many beautiful varieties available to buy online now that I am spoiled for choice. But I still love to pick up pieces from my walks and build a stash of unique dried flowers and twigs. “

Tulle, embroidery hoops, and lots of potential.

Photo: Courtesy of Olga Prinku

The student becomes the teacher

“For a while I was selling ready-made pieces, but I kept getting asked how I made them. Nowadays, a lot of people like to pick and dry flowers, so I started teaching my craft through digital tutorials. . The hoops that I make take a lot of time and care, so I can only produce a very limited amount. I wanted to reach more people. Besides, crafts and nature are so beneficial for well-being people, so I hope that through these tutorials more people will find not only a new skill, but also fun and appreciation for the natural world around us. “

A celebration of nature is the common thread

“It was only at this point, since my floral designs moved from sieve to tulle in an embroidery hoop, that I began to see the craft as an embroidery technique, where nature is my thread. I started experimenting with this idea of ​​embroidery, looking at where and how you typically use embroidery, but, of course, using dried flowers as a raw material. I like to try to create shapes like letters and letters. birds to see if more intricate designs can be made with flowers and find out how simpler the elements can be combined to create designs just like those in traditional embroidery. People still think this is a very unusual material with which to I embroider, but in my mind this is the most obvious. For centuries we have recreated nature by sewing floral designs and patterns with thread, so why not use real flowers from nature to highlight val her beauty? “

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