The Governor’s Mansion decorated for the holidays by the Starkville Florist


JACKSON, Mississippi (WCBI) – A Starkville florist and her team have worked hard to get the Governor’s Mansion ready for Christmas.

With a day before an open house at the Governor’s Mansion, Hannah Krapac Wamsley was busy making sure all the Christmas decorations were perfect, and that included checking out the model trains, under the trees.

Wamsley is State Floral’s chief florist. The Starkville-based florist has been selected as this year’s big winner in the ‘Christmas at the Mansion’ contest.

Owner Allison Siddall, staff and volunteers started work the day after Thanksgiving. They decorated two living rooms, four bedrooms and the exterior of the historic mansion. This year’s theme is “Celebrating Children and the Magic They Bring to Christmas”.

“My main goal was to have a lot of detail in every room that really brings the magic of Christmas to life, so some of the trees there is a lot of animation, the kids would love. We started in the morning at eight, they were kind enough to let us stay until we were done each night, ”Siddall said.

There are eighteen Christmas trees in the historical section, and each mantle is decorated. Wamsley says each room has a theme, matching the color scheme of the room.

“In the golden living room, some of the furniture is like blue, paler, and we had a similar colored ribbon, we made more funky colors there, the cream bedroom was neutral, we were more old school, vintage, the bedroom green is a snowy room, easy to incorporate those colors, greens, whites, greyish, ”said Wamsley.

As part of this year’s theme for ‘Christmas at the Mansion’, the call has been made for children to send Christmas decorations to display. The response was much better than expected.

“We sent over eleven hundred ornaments and we had planned a tree, we have three or four now. We asked an elementary school to submit ornaments, no ornaments are alike, it’s really amazing, a Girl Scout in McComb made a clay mansion and it’s amazing, ”said First Lady Elee Reeves, who oversees the “Christmas at the Manor” contest.

Siddall says decorating the Governor’s Residence has been a huge honor, a lot of hard work and a lot of fun.

“When we were selected I was so surprised and so honored, and it turned out so much more fun than I could have imagined, the staff, everyone here has been so kind and so welcoming , and we had the best time, ”said Siddall.

The decorations will be in place during the first days of the New Year.

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