Summary “365: Repeat the year”: The bouquet of flowers


Lee Shin brought all the travelers to his house in the recent episode of 365: Repeat of the year. Another bouquet was sent to her home. Se-Rin saw him first and panicked as he reported another death of the group. Detective Hyung Jo confronted Lee Shin if she was dealing with the deaths of other travelers, but she explained that she was not.

Se-Rin is too scared and has collapsed. Hwang took Se-Rin to the hospital. Jung Tae and Jae Young left the room. Hyung Jo and Shin Ga Hyun planned to capture the sender of the flowers.

Shin Ga Hyun checked a flower shop and asked if they knew of any stores that sold the same bouquet. She was directed to another location. Hyung Jo went to his office and checked for traces of the delivery company that had been hired to deliver the flower. Both were directed to a florist in town. They asked for a copy of the video and the owner agreed to help.

In the video, the man was wearing a mask and cap, but the backpack shows a helmet. The only person they know is Jae Young – one of the resettlers. Hyung Jo rushed to Jae Young. He then explained that he was just tracking the bouquet and intentionally sending it to check what the reaction of others would be. He found Shin Ga Hyun suspicious because she never showed fear. Hyung Jo advised him not to put anyone in danger and to stop doing stupid things.

Meanwhile, Jung Tae took the money Jae Young offered to track and control one of the travelers. Jung Tae has agreed to work with anyone as long as there is money in return.

Hyung Jo and Shin Ga Hyun found the florist who made all the bouquets. They asked for his help in giving them the information about the buyer, but the florist refused. The florist insisted that she protect the personal data of her customers.

The next day, Shin Ga Hyun visited the flower shop and checked the florist’s activity. She approached her and asked her to help her find the person. The florist said she would do it the next day and contact them.

Hyung Jo met the rest of the travelers at Mr. Hwang’s cafe. They shared information about who the bouquet sender was and that there would be an accident within 24 hours, and everyone needs to take precautions. Se-Rin saw Jae Young talking to Jung Tae – the gangster. She took a video of them and showed it to the rest of the group.

Hyung Jo questioned Jae Young’s plot with Jung Tae. They asked him if he was the one sending the flowers. Jae Young walked out of the store. Hyung Jo followed him and grabbed his shirt. He asked if he had anything to do with all the deaths and only came to spy on them. Jae Young disagreed and explained that he only met Jung Tae to check if he knew anything.

Later that evening, the four travelers hastily stayed at home to avoid any accidents. Hyung Jo received a call from the florist and told him that the sender’s address was his flower shop. Hyung Jo called Shin Ga Hyun to meet him in the flower shop. Hyung Jo advised the florist not to go out and wait for them. As soon as they reached the corner, the florist caught fire.


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