Spring Crafts: DIY Foam Flower Bouquet


These foam flowers will never fade! Kids can give them to someone special or put them in a vase as a fun decoration.

Each flower can be made in just a few minutes, so let kids enjoy the creative process of planning their bouquet. Thanks to the different shapes and sizes of flowers, there are dozens of possible combinations.

What you will need:

Want to have all of your supplies in one place? This Foam flower bouquet kit (pictured above) has everything you need to make a bouquet of foam flowers.

1. Gather the flowers you want to use for your bouquet. The bouquet can include as many flowers as you want, but make sure you have an assortment of shapes and sizes.

You can also layer flowers on top of each other to create more color and texture. If you choose this option, layer and glue the flowers together.

2. Add a small, thin line of glue to the center of the back of each flower. Place a pipe cleaner over the glue and hold it for a few seconds to make sure it is secure.

3. If you want your flowers to vary in height, use the scissors to cut different lengths at the bottom of the pipe cleaners.

4. Arrange the flowers in a bouquet.

Plain Grosgrain Ribbon Value Pack

5. Cut an 8 “length of ribbon, then tie the ribbon in a bow around the stems of the pipe cleaner. Trim the ends of the ribbon, if necessary.

Top image credit: Sticker Flower Bouquet Craft Kit via Amazon

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