S’pore florist asks customer to delete FB post warning public of half-empty S$108 flower basket, threatens customer with legal action


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A woman took to Facebook on April 29 to issue a warning to the public after a flower arrangement she ordered turned out to be one-sided. She wrote that she shared her experience with Seasons by Dahliawhom she ordered a basket of flowers for her birthday.

Mrs. Teo posted messages on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page as well as his own FB account. The florist eventually issued a refund with an explanation and an apology. However, they also demanded that Ms Teo remove the post immediately or else they will take legal action against her.

She wrote that she was confused when she “I received half a basket of flowers, when what I ordered was 1 basket of flowers.”

Photo: FB screenshot/Clarice Teo

Ms Teo added photos of the arrangement she received, as well as a company advertisement.

Photo: FB screenshot/Clarice Teo

In the ad, when the arrangement is rotated 360 degrees, flowers can be seen on the front and back of the basket where they are placed.

“I have purchased floral arrangements from other vendors and have never had such an experience where the product received was different from what I received”, she wrote.

Ms Teo then sent the company a message regarding her order.

“They cited a ‘misunderstanding’ about the product I received. When I replied with my thoughts they replied that I could have checked with them and that these are all one way floral arrangements unless otherwise stated. I ordered the flower basket based on their photos and videos, which showed a full basket. It was not stated anywhere on the product page that it was unilateral when I placed my order.

Seasons by Dahlia also wrote that they never had a complaint like Ms. Teo’s, but offered a refund after the arrangement returned, which Ms. Teo took advantage of.

However, the company sent her messages after she posted her post, saying they had sought legal advice and asking her to “drop the message immediately” for “minimize further damage”.

After that, Ms. Teo received the following message: “Hello Clarice, I am at my lawyer seeking defamation advice against you for making unsubstantiated and baseless comments about our business. The lawyer has confirmed that your comments are defamatory. We now demand that you immediately remove all messages about our company, failing which we will seek aggravated damages from you in court My lawyer is preparing the summons against you which will be delivered to you personally.

In a Facebook post where comments have been disabled, Seasons by Dahlia wrote that it had not been his intention to defraud or deceive anyone. The message received more than 1000 laughing or angry emojis.

Netizens, many of whom have never heard of a one-sided floral arrangement, however, sided with Ms Teo.

Although there are unilateral arrangements, it is not often done in the same way.

Photo: FB screenshot/Clarice Teo


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