Soham: Florist on the success of the Covid-19 pandemic


1:13 p.m. May 25, 2022

A florist who has become ‘busier than ever’ after moving her business from east Cambridgeshire to home believes more success could still be on the way.

Brenda Jugg ran her shop, ‘Brenda’s Flowers’, on Station Road in Soham for 23 years before the Covid-19 pandemic hit two years ago.

“Gradually, the number of business transactions decreased, e-commerce became more popular, and our customers were using our website to order or over the phone,” Brenda said.

“I also wanted more home life as I found myself going back to work late at night to finish orders for the next day as we were so busy.”

So Brenda, who started working in the floristry industry when she was 14, was moving stock to her new premises while taking contactless delivery in local areas during the first lockdown.

From balloons to silk flowers and gift packages, Brenda and her daughter have been inundated with customers.

“Just before lockdown 1.0 I made the decision to move my business and build a new ‘mini’ shop at the back of my house,” she said.

“Once we were able to source fresh flowers from our wholesaler, our orders went crazy, making 120 deliveries a week of balloons and fresh flowers to local towns!”

Brenda and her daughter work at the store, while Brenda’s mom, dad, and husband also help out.
– Credit: Brenda’s Flowers

Brenda’s husband and father also help with the delivery, while her mother works part-time.

But although they couldn’t hire more staff, Brenda and her daughter tried to “respond to new trends as best we could.

“We were busier than ever!” Brenda said.

“I think business has increased during Covid as people haven’t been able to visit loved ones for birthdays, anniversaries etc, especially those living abroad.

“They have now gotten used to being able to order things from the comfort of their homes, especially after being locked out.”

Working from home has so far been a triumph for Brenda, who opened her first flower shop in Hasse Road, Soham aged 21.

“I believe that if you want to be successful in these difficult times, you have to be there and put in the work,” added Brenda.

“We aim to maintain our high standards and continue to grow our social media presence which we hope will attract new customers, not just locally but from across the UK.”

For more information on Brenda’s Flowers, visit: or call 01353 721336.


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