Singapore-based flower retailer 24Hrs City Florist tackles pandemic challenges with new approach to thoughtful gifts


SINGAPORE, September 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As local businesses adjust to the disruption brought on by the pandemic, changing consumer habits have led to an increase in giveaways, as people still want to connect during shutdowns. More have turned to flower and gift delivery to fill the need for social connection.

An established local retailer, 24Hrs City Florist has turned more to online deliveries to offset the drop in footfall at its Lavender Street outlet. Known for its 24 hour flower delivery service throughout the island and for its storefront that operates from 9h on the next day 6h00 Daily, 24Hrs City Florist has since channeled its efforts to expand its product line of fresh flower arrangements and gifts to accommodate new customer trends.

The experienced team at 24Hrs City Florist has pioneered new floral gift ideas that empower customers to express themselves better with thoughtful gifts that excites and delights. Turn flower bouquets into an original and popular lookalike characters. They associated balloons with personalized words to their floral gift boxes. To recreate a healthier celebration at home, the company also partnered with home and retail bakery to host a “Blooms and Bakes” set. It was first launched on Mother’s Day with a bunch of Korean-style fresh roses accompanied by the luxury teatime bakery box with pineapple-filled madeleines, cake matcha brownie cheese, cookies, cupcakes and brownies.

Where the pragmatic meets the romantic, this florist recently introduced a silver bouquet where flowers made from Singapore dollar banknotes are arranged and wrapped in a hand-tied bouquet shape for those who prefer cash. to flowers.

DIY bouquets are another new take on gifting from which allows customers to create their own personalized hand bouquet on their website. Buyers can select their preferred flower choice, arrangement and packaging style and see the visual result before making the purchase. This method of personalization allows buyers to mix and match their flowers, colors and packaging to create a bouquet that speaks directly to the recipient.

Pandemic restrictions have shifted customer demand towards online delivery, including flowers as gifts or funeral flowers and wreaths. As more and more employees work from home, more and more companies are sending care gift packages and flowers to their employees. Others have turned to order flower bouquets, baskets and tabletop flower arrangements online for home parties, gifts for loved ones, and even for birthdays, anniversaries and even for virtual ceremonies. wedding and graduation ceremony. Funeral restrictions also meant that more flowers for funeral orders were moved online to replace in-person attendance.

Yet for a flower retailer with a physical storefront, the increased restrictions did not come without additional business challenges. Hours of operation have been shortened as demand for late-night flowers has declined with the closure of pubs and nightlife venues. Despite the drop in footfall, the retailer faces increased rental costs and supply disruptions. The company also faced workforce issues, as workplace restrictions reduced the number of florists in-store and the retraining of new staff to replace those who had left the company.

“There is no manual for anyone to react to the current situation,” says 24Hrs City Florist founder, Jerry lee. “While the business challenges remain, it’s also encouraging to see people sending flowers and care gifts for all kinds of celebrations around the house and we’re happy to be able to play a part. ”

“As restrictions ease, the future remains uncertain. We strive to do our best to adapt to changing trends, continue to deliver new gift ideas, and deliver on our promise to provide quality products and service no matter the situation.,” he adds.

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