Shelby Gardeners Discover Pumpkin Floral Design


Elizabeth Viviano, fourth generation family member at Viviano Flower Shop, showed Shelby Gardeners Club members how to create their own pumpkin flower design on October 8.


TOWNSHIP OF SHELBY – The Shelby Gardeners Club welcomed the fall season with a pumpkin floral design presentation at its monthly meeting on October 8.

The highlight of the meeting was the presentation of Elizabeth Viviano, fourth generation family member at Viviano Flower Shop. The presentation took place outside at River Bends Park, in accordance with COVID-19 regulations.

Viviano’s design featured a pumpkin with flowers in fall colors arranged to make a decoration.

Shelby Gardeners Club vice president and programming chair Linda Pelloni invited Viviano to do the presentation because Pelloni had had a great experience watching a similar presentation in the past.

“When I was a teacher, I had a student in my class whose mother was a flower designer. She walked into my classroom and showed the children how to make a hollowed-out pumpkin arrangement. She kindly left the decorated pumpkin for my office and the kids loved seeing her for the next few days, ”she said. “I always remembered it and wanted Shelby gardeners to share the experience as well.”

During the event, the club also organized a raffle to win the arrangement that was created.

“Club members put their name in a plastic pumpkin if they want to win the arrangement at the end. We drew a name and Jan Kennedy was the lucky winner, ”said Pelloni.

Patti Marchetti from Shelby Township attended the event and said it was very interesting to see Viviano working.

“It was fascinating to watch and learn the little tricks she used to create an absolutely amazing flower arrangement. I totally enjoyed it. The flowers I remember were mostly little carnations, the greenery was ruscus and salal. When she finished the pumpkin it was the cutest thing. Elizabeth had kept the top after cleaning it and used it as a decoration. Because she used this green sparkling thing, it was perfectly round and the colors were very much in keeping with fall, ”she said,

Marchetti said his favorite part was learning how to cut plants.

“You use a knife, not scissors, so as not to destroy the waterways. It was quite informative and entertaining, ”said Marchetti.

The Shelby Gardeners Club usually meets in person for special events where gardeners can learn more about a chosen topic, but due to the virus the club has had to host events outside.

Club events are free and open to everyone, and the club is always looking for people to join.

The Shelby Gardeners Club does charitable work and hosts its fundraiser for a Garden Walk in July every two years, which is the club’s biggest fundraiser. The brick walkways, planted beds, gazebo, statuary and fairy garden in Heritage Gardens at 24 Mile Road and Van Dyke Avenue in Shelby Township are supported by the club’s fundraisers, which include the walk through the garden and the sale of plants.

Part of the club’s mission statement is to promote interest in and knowledge of gardening, flower arrangement and ecology.

The club also hosts many free community conferences throughout the year at the Burgess-Shadbush Nature Center to educate and share the joy of gardening. To join the club, send an email to [email protected]

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