Saba Qamar’s white floral dress is the coolest summer outfit


Internationally acclaimed Pakistani diva Saba Qamar is currently doing promotional shoots for her upcoming films ‘Ghabrana Nahi Hai’ and ‘Kamli’.

One of the dresses from her shoots caught special attention not only for its unique look, but also for its floral pattern bearing huge, very delicate pink flowers paired with green leaves against pure white. This photo shoot done against a dark olive green background came across as pleasing to the eyes of the audience, who can’t help but agree that the famous ‘Cheekh’ actor’s chic dress is cool in every sense of the word, that it’s fashion-related coolness, or the coolness we all demand in the scorching summer heat, much of which fades at the very sight of light, soothing colors such as those Saba Qamar has donned.

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Adding to the beauty of the already very attractive nature-themed dress are its accessories, the flower-shaped tops and the ring bearing a translucent green stone in the center, around which many small diamonds are placed. Only a bracelet adds to the already minimal jewelry, one of the wrists wearing a nice simple but vintage style watch.

The actress was observed captioning these photos with as few words as possible, choosing leaf emojis instead to give the idea that her latest outfit needs no words, as her very look suggests the contemporary inclination towards green, or nature, for that matters.



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