Pinker Times floral design studio expands in Buckhead Village


Now open until March 2021, the pop-up features a larger boutique with floral art installations, bouquets, boxes and a “flower bar”

Floral design studio and art exhibition More rosy times went from its original pop-up location – which opened in August 2020 – to a larger space in Buckhead Village, at 247 Buckhead Ave NE. Originally slated to only be open until fall 2020, the newly expanded pop-up will now work until March 2021, according to a press release Tuesday. Pinker Times offers two flower art installations, buy-to-buy bouquets and arrangements, as well as a ‘choose-your-own flower bar’. Founder and artist Skye lin now also offers bespoke flower arrangement workshops.

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The New Pinker Times 1,200 m²The space is flanked by a “Forever Flower Bar,” a wall of dried flowers where guests can choose by the stem. Additionally, Pinker Times is home to two of Skye’s original installations: a floating arrangement of dried stems, and a second, more recent exhibition featuring a field of pink grasses embodying Lin’s personal portrayal of ‘rosier times’, a moment, a happy place or feeling. that’s darling.

Skye also introduced a new series of workshops inviting guests to follow along as she guides hands-on sessions to organize seasonal dried stems, preserved flowers and wildflowers. The beginner’s workshops will run throughout the winter, and the ticket price includes a choice of floral materials, a container, and three professional photographs.

“With a background in fine arts and artistic direction, founder Skye Lin began sharing her love for flower arrangements with friends and neighbors during the first weeks of quarantine this year,” the statement said. “Pinker Times aims to serve as a catalyst for connection and reconnection during these times. “

Born in China and raised in Vietnam, Lin attended SCAD Atlanta and earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, installation art, and sculpture. She participated in Art Basel 2017 and has several installations in retail stores in Ho Chi Minh City.

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