Merseyside Wedding Florist on Pressures to Create ‘Magical Moment’


No wedding is complete without beautiful flowers, and the pressure from a florist to make it perfect cannot be overstated.

Jillian Dawn Floral Designs in Willaston, Wirral is a family business that creates stunning, fresh flower arrangements for all occasions, including weddings.

But what does planning flowers look like for a couple’s big day?

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Speaking to ECHO, florist Emily and her mother Tracy said: “Most couples have an idea of ​​what their wedding flowers will look like, but we work with them and offer suggestions and ideas. We discuss the best way to make their dreams come true within their budgets. “

Corsages by Jillian Dawn Floral Designs.

As for the time it takes to prepare the wedding flowers, it depends on the styles chosen.

“Every design has to be perfect, so we take special care with flowers from the moment they arrive from our suppliers until the moment they are delivered. In most cases, the bridal flowers will consist of the bridal bouquet, the groom’s boutonniere, the bridesmaid’s flowers, and the men’s boutonnieres of the main bridal party.

“There are also corsages / bracelets or handbag sprays for moms and grandparents of the bride and groom. Flowers for the venue, ceremony or church are often also provided, which can be bench ends, swags for chairs, pedestal arrangements, garlands, archways, and table designs.

Every wedding season is different, with popular flower types and colors varying depending on what is happening that year.

This season’s favorites have included eucalyptus, baby’s breath, olive, rosemary, wax flower and thistles, as well as full petal roses in pastel and pink tones, creams, whites and bruises. The themes of gardens and meadows are also very popular.

After weeks of preparing the perfect flower arrangements, it’s time for the wedding day itself.

“We deliver to our bride and groom usually two to three hours before their ceremony. All designs arranged in foam, such as room flowers and bridal bouquets, are mostly made the night before and kept overnight in our flower fridge and cool.

“It’s early in the morning of the wedding to create one of the wired patterns such as boutonnieres and garlands. The final checks of the bridal flowers are done, the stems are tied with a chosen ribbon and they are placed in aquatic boxes so that they remain perfectly fresh and hydrated. The boxes are packaged according to our content checklists for each delivery address, and two florists set out to decorate the premises and set up our creations.

“Our favorite thing about being a wedding florist is seeing a delighted bride when she first sees her bouquet on her big day. It’s such a magical moment! Careful planning, hard work, and using all of our experience to make sure our couples are thrilled when they see results is always our goal. “

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