Melbourne Florist Reveals Houseplants That Say ‘I Love You’


Amazing Graze Flowers says that while roses will always mean love, for those who wish to avoid the cliché there are plenty of other options for showing a little love and houseplants have become a particularly popular gift. From flowering plants like anthuriums to evergreens like monsteras, there are plenty of choices to gift a loved one.

Anthurium plants that feature unique flowers come in a variety of colors, with the most common color being red. The flowers of this plant are on a tubular protrusion with a wide, flat heart-shaped petal. Hardy and easy to care for, anthuriums make excellent houseplants that perform best in low-level lighting, says Amazing Graze Flowers.

For those looking for a unique and breathtaking flowering plant, Amazing Graze Flowers says orchids are hard to beat. Orchids come in many varieties with different colored flowers ranging from red to purple to white and everything in between.

Some of the most popular non-flowering houseplants for sharing love include the Chinese money plant which is believed to bring good luck and prosperity, and the super hardy mother-in-law’s tongue which thrives when neglected, says Amazing Graze Flowers.

When gifting plants to loved ones, Amazing Graze Flowers recommends thinking about existing home decor and choosing complementary plants. They should also consider whether the person has a green thumb or tends to forget their houseplants and choose appropriately.

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Source: Amazing Pasture Flowers

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