Marshall Plan For Moms Launches “Moms Deserve More Flower Store” Highlighting What Moms Really Need This Mother’s Day


The COVID-19 pandemic has been disproportionately devastating for mothers, and especially mothers of color. According to National Center for Women’s Rights, 2.3 million women left the labor market last year, bringing the participation rate of women to 57%, the lowest since 1988. That’s thirty years of progress for women, erased in a few months.

That’s why on this Mother’s Day, more than ever, we need to do more than just thank our moms. We need to stand up for the systemic changes they really need and compensate them for their invisible, unpaid work.

“A dozen roses are not going to cut it this year,” said Reshma saujani, founder of Girls Who Code and the Marshall Plan for mothers. “The pandemic has intensified what was already a national crisis for working moms, especially moms of color. Every year on Mother’s Day we come together to celebrate our moms, but the truth is, this year we have to fix the broken structure. of motherhood in America. Because what moms really want, what they really need, is a national calculation: one that reinvents our culture and rebuilds a system to really value our work.

Unlike the floral display at the grocery store, this flower shop offers bouquets as precious as the women they are intended for. Their awards highlight the various ways our national policies and COVID relief efforts are failing to adequately support mothers. The highest price belongs to the bundle of unpaid labor, which is based on new data released last week by Oxfam showing that women around the world have lost 800 billion dollars income when they have lost their jobs or left the workforce to care for their families. Other bouquets highlight long-standing issues that have a direct impact on women’s finances and their ability to work and have children. The store also features stories from moms across the country feeling the real impact of our broken system.

Moms Deserve More flower shop bouquets include:

“We need systemic changes in our policies that pay moms for their work,” Saujani said. “If no one can afford the cost of these bouquets, let’s ask ourselves why we keep asking women to pay this price.”

The Moms Deserve More flower shop is supported by well-known moms, advocates and organizations including Amy schumer, Grace Meng, Ai-jen Poo, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, Mara Bolis, Associate Director of Women’s Economic Empowerment at Oxfam America, National Women’s Law Center, Paid Leave for All, PL + US and Scary Mommy. These advocates agree that the usual Mother’s Day gifts just aren’t enough to show mothers that we truly appreciate them and the sheer amount of work they do every day.

“Child care should be accessible to all and affordable for all families, and child care workers should be able to earn a living wage and be treated with dignity and respect,” said Ai-jen Poo, co-founder and executive director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance. “For far too long, those in power have devalued caregiving and allowed women, especially women of color, to be forced out of the workforce and caregivers to be underpaid. Parents and caregivers alike. Caregivers do the crucial and difficult job of nurturing the potential of future generations.As a nation, if we are to realize our potential, they must be supported by our public policy, our systems and a culture that values ​​care.

“The need for care has increased during the pandemic, and women – who are the shock absorbers of society – have stepped in to fill the void at the expense of their own economic and emotional well-being,” said Mara Bolis, Associate Director of Women’s Economic Empowerment at Oxfam America. “All over the world, women in the formal sector have lost 800 billion dollars last year due to the loss of jobs and the withdrawal from the labor market to care for children, the sick and the elderly. This year for Mother’s Day, we are calling for an economic stimulus package that works for moms and invests in our country’s healthcare infrastructure so mothers don’t have to continue to serve as a safety net for society. . “

“The lack of quality, affordable child care for every mom in this country is a national crisis,” said Amy schumer. “When a family does not have the means to look after their children, the responsibility for taking on the role of babysitter usually falls on the mother. We have to change this broken system now.

“It’s a unique message for Mother’s Day – always a celebration of moms, but with a more focused perspective on the real cost of motherhood,” and Amy Frisch, Managing Director and Head of Customer Services at SS + K, the agency that managed the visual identity, website and creative launch of the campaign, said. “It’s time we recognized the financial expenses associated with motherhood. This project was personal. I am a mom and have worked alongside a team of other SS + K moms. By collaborating with Reshma, we knew that we could create a campaign that could make an impact by forcing this long overdue conversation. “

In January, 50 prominent women led a full page ad in the New York Times calling on the Biden administration to create a task force dedicated to implementing a ‘Marshall Plan for Moms’, i.e. paying mothers for their unpaid and invisible work and adopting policies regarding parental leave, affordable child care and pay equity. Following the New York Times announcement, congressman Grace Meng (J-NY) introduced the Marshall Plan for Moms (H. Res. 121), a transformative law to help women return to the workforce and, for the first time, provide much-needed help to mothers who have been severely affected by COVID- 19 pandemic. The Marshall Plan for Moms was then presented to the Senate by US Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Tammy duckworth (D-IL). In February, 50 leading male allies, including Steph Curry, Don cheadle, Colin Farrell and others signed a letter in the Washington Post calling on Congress to support the “Marshall Plan for Moms.”

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About the Marshall Plan for Moms
Marshall Plan for Moms is a national movement to center women in our economic recovery and to advocate for public and private sector policies that support all moms. Our goal is to create a radical cultural change to value the invisible and unpaid work of women, and to rebuild our broken system to allow women to work and have children. Together, we galvanize mothers across the country to end the fight for women’s equality once and for all.

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