LEGO Bonsai and Flower Bouquet sets are $ 10 off Amazon


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Zen Moment: Working on the LEGO Bonsai is engaging and meditative. (Photo: LEGO)

Building LEGO sets can be a calming way to spend an evening, especially when you’re tired of staring at screens. Like crafts, LEGO “work” is a great stress reducer. But most kits are made for children, or difficult to keep (not everyone wants to have a Hogwarts scale model sitting on the coffee table). This is why LEGO is manufacturing more and more sets with adults in mind.

LEGO plants are one of our favorites – they add to your decor, rather than taking it away – and they’re discounted by $ 10 on Amazon right now.

Shipping is free, but you can start your kits even earlier with Amazon prime. Do not have an account yet? Register here for a free trial. Remember: the holidays are coming. You might want to take advantage of this offer to pick up (and put away) some freebies.

40 $ $ 50 at Amazon

Lego bonsai can be pink for spring

LEGO bonsai can look pretty pink all year round. (Photo: LEGO)

Real bonsai trees take a lot of work, but a lego version is low stress fun. That’s 878 fairly manageable pieces, and buyers are raving about its entertainment. A builder Calls it “extraordinarily easy” thanks to the way the pieces are separated in numbered bags, and says it’s “a wonderful bit of nostalgia”. This man prepared hers in an hour and a half, “drinking and enjoying a little jazz while doing it, to unwind after a long week at work.” He adds: “There is just something therapeutic in the botanical collection in my opinion.”

Fully assembled, the Lego bonsai always attracts a lot of raves, with a buyer, who displays his bonsai tree on the mantle, gradually evolving his tree with the (included) pink blossoms (which are actually a mix of tiny pink blossoms and tiny pink frogs) and: Visitors to my house assume he’s natural until I tell them to come closer … ” Many builders likes to switch between leaves and flowers depending on the season.

This daddy is “in love with the fact that the majority of ‘cherry blossoms’ are tiny pink frogs …” He also appreciates “the little ‘facts’ printed throughout the instruction manual. It’s a great kit!

Lego bonsai kit is normally $ 50, but right now it’s 40 $. It’s also very hard to get, so you should buy one before it’s out of stock again!

40 $ $ 50 at Amazon

Roses, snapdragons, poppies, asters, daisies and grasses, seen through a LEGO lens.  (Photo: LEGO)

Roses, snapdragons, poppies, asters, daisies and grasses, seen through a LEGO lens. (Photo: LEGO)

For something more colorful there is the Lego flower bouquet, a detailed interpretation of flowers like roses, daisies and poppies. Each flower comes with a long stem (which you also build), so you can display them in your favorite vase or pot. For a buyer it was “love at first sight”, thanks to Lego flower bouquet “Combination of beauty and functionality”. Her whole family was “amazed by the final masterpiece …”

Some clients found it a bit difficult to assemble due to the small pieces, but the instructions are “step by step and … easy to follow”. This grandmother says it’s not easy to assemble but she “didn’t want it to be easy… you accepted a challenge!” It’s part of the pleasure of working with LEGOS.

$ 41 $ 50 at Amazon

A woman assembles a peach-colored rose

These roses are easy to assemble and will never fade. (Photo: LEGO)

And a lot buyers love how these flowers will remain beautiful forever. Work solo on the Lego flower bouquet can be meditative, but working together can create a great bonding experience – a parent says, “My daughter, son and I loved building this together because we each got to choose a few flowers to work on.” Now that the final product is on display, they remember the experience “every time we see it”.

This complex set usually costs $ 50, but it’s reduced by almost $ 10 right now. And, like bonsai, it tends to quickly disappear from the shelves. Take advantage of the sale price today so you can add some color to your winter months.

Woman arranging lego flowers

The LEGO flower bouquet is so easy to put together and fun to rearrange! (Photo: LEGO)

$ 41 $ 50 at Amazon

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