I’m a florist – my simple trick will make any grocery store bouquet much more expensive


All flower bouquets are NOT created equal, especially those from the grocery store.

While certainly a cheap option, grocery store bouquets probably don’t hold up to the professional standard.


In a video, a florist named Angelica shared that her boyfriend bought her flowers at the grocery store for Valentine’s DayCredit: @angelicafloral/TikTok
She embellished her cheap flowers by opening the petals a little


She embellished her cheap flowers by opening the petals a littleCredit: @angelicafloral/TikTok

But according to a florist, you can easily turn your cheap bouquet into a work of art with just a few tweaks.

The expert named Angelica, who runs her own floral studio, share her simple tricks to transform any bouquet of flowers.


She started by removing the rubber bands that hold the flowers together, then removed some of the greenery.

“You don’t want any greenery in the water,” she advised.

Next, Angelica cuts each stem, making sure to cut at an angle.


For a few flowers, she opened up the petals to make the flowers look more “open and tall,” plus she said it gives a “more luxurious look.”

She explained, “I just put a little pressure on each petal gently and pull them back.”


Then Anglica cut the stems to varying lengths, some “super short” while others were “much taller” to give the bouquet more dimension.

Finally, she arranged the flowers in a vase, and the finished product was a much taller bouquet.

Some people weren’t too impressed with the end result, like one person who wrote, “They were better before??” and another who added, “That wasn’t it.”

However, many others enjoyed Angelica’s revamped bouquet, like one who commented, “AWE WOW THIS IS AMAZING!!” and someone else who wrote, “It’s so beautiful at the end.”

But, Angelica didn’t seem too fazed by the negative opinions and replied in a comment: “It’s a matter of personal preference!”

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Angelica's finished product revealed more open roses of varying heights


Angelica’s finished product revealed more open roses of varying heightsCredit: @angelicafloral/TikTok

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