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JOPLIN, Mo. – Many industries have been affected by the global pandemic – but there is one you might not expect – florists.

Virtually every aspect of the flower trade has been altered by COVID-19.

Judie Hoopai, co-owner of Higdon Florist, says everything from providing real flowers to the cost of the artificial flowers, to the containers they put them in, to the type of gloves they use have been affected.

This summer, she says it was difficult to get flowers that were white in color, like peace lilies.

“This is because it takes about a year, a year and a half in the planting season to produce the quality and appearance that our suppliers are looking for and therefore, when COVID first struck, farmers did not. couldn’t get out into their fields and plant, ”said Judie Hoopai, co-owner, Higdon Florist.

Added to this shortage are the number of weddings that still take place in the summer as well as all the funerals that take place, some of which were likely related to COVID.

If you need flowers for a special event, she says, let the florists know as soon as possible, so they can place orders with their suppliers.

And in some cases, she says they’ve even had to work with other florists in the area to help customers get what they want.


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