Hawaii florist shows appreciation to frontline healthcare workers with colorful bouquets


HONOLULU (KHON) – After a long day at work, imagine receiving a bouquet of flowers to cheer you up and show how much you are appreciated. Well, a local florist is doing just that, and he’s doing it for those who have been working day and night throughout the pandemic.

Kaiwen Wang Nobriga, owner of Sweet Beast Hawaii Floral, shows her aloha to frontline healthcare workers by delivering flowers to brighten their day.

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“I don’t have much to offer, but I have a bouquet of flowers,” Nobriga said. “So who doesn’t love flowers?” “

Nobriga thought it would be good to drop some beautiful flower arrangements to frontline healthcare workers who have been dealing with the pandemic for over a year.

He spoke about it on his Instagram pages and was shocked at the many responses he received.

“Whoever would send me their badge on Instagram, and I would deliver flowers to you, or you can come and get it,” Nobriga said. “I was trying to make things more fun by doing something different every week.”

Nobriga said what started out as a nice gesture really took off because he had dozens of healthcare workers appointing colleagues, peers and other healthcare workers.

Although it keeps him busy, he says his favorite part is finishing the beautiful bouquet, wrapping it up, and seeing their reaction when he delivers the flowers.

“Their reactions are very touching, and they feel great afterwards, and I think the word most often that I was told was that they were recognized,” said Nobriga.

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He said the best way to name someone is to send a direct message to their business Instagram account. Sweet Hawaii Beast.


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