Friends of Savannah florist John Davis remember ‘generous’ man


Well-known local florist John Davis, who passed away suddenly on November 15, is remembered by legions of friends, family and acquaintances as a light-hearted and generous man who made the most of his life.

Davis, who turned 55 on November 10, was a Savannahian native who had owned florist John Davis since 1988. He was known for many things, including his bright smile, infectious laughter, and his signature: “Buy Flowers” .

Donna Moody was one of Davis’ oldest friends and said her death was a “huge loss to my family and to me, as well as to the community as a whole”.

“I can’t think of anyone else who did as much (for Savannah) as John,” Moody said. “He did a lot of things that people didn’t know.”

One of his favorite projects was to raise funds for animals. Davis had a deep love for animals and helped raise thousands of dollars for local pet charities, his family said.

His sense of humor was also unique, Moody said. “He said what he thought, which was off-putting to some people, but no one could get away with it like John,” she explained. He was also famous for his stories, she added, stressing that “most of the best can’t be printed.”

Above all, Moody said, Davis had “the purest heart of anyone I have ever known. I have known a lot of good people in my life, but he was so pure in his way of loving people. She was a really nice person.

“No one should have ugly flowers”

Julia and Charlie Williams had known Davis since the early 1990s, when they began ordering ceremonial wreaths for various local heritage organizations.

“The (Davis) wreaths were so awesome that we became flower people and lifelong customers,” said Julia Williams. “I was in love with this guy from the start. He had the personality that drew people to him like moths to the light, except that he was more than a light; it was a solar system.

Julia Williams described Davis as “an experiment”.

“He was a person who really loved what he did and the people he created for,” she said. “Some of my happiest times were spent with him, whether at the store or at a social event. It was a guaranteed good time when John was present.

She remembered the time she had knee surgery and Davis brought her flowers.

“I was lying in my bed and he comes up with a huge vase of shiny flowers,” she said. “He saw another arrangement on the dresser and said, ‘Who sent that ugly thing? He then removed each stalk and rearranged it, running water on the ground, laughing and joking that no one should have ugly flowers.

Julia said she liked to drop off tomato sandwiches or cookies at Davis’ store on Abercorn Street. “On November 15, that terrible Monday when John suddenly left us, the ingredients for the Snickerdoodle cookies were all laid out on my kitchen counter, measured out and ready to be mixed, baked and delivered to the store the next day. These cookies never arrived, but tears and sadness did, upon hearing that my friend was gone. “

Davis’ funeral was held on November 18 at the Calvary Baptist Temple. Moody said she and others were planning an additional memorial in the near future because “John would like a party,” she said.

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