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A local florist derives great satisfaction from designing floral bouquets for her clients.

“I love seeing the faces of customers after giving them flowers for the people they are giving them to,” said Ciera Martin, owner holistic arrangements. “It’s really just joy through the gift of flowers. That’s the slogan and that’s what I do.

While pursuing her undergraduate studies at Penn State Abington, Martin developed an affinity for flowers while working in the floral department of a local Whole Foods market in 2019. She left Whole Foods in March 2020 to focus on her full-time job in education and began creating flower arrangements to build her portfolio.

Martin officially launched Hollistic Arrangements as a limited liability company last year. She runs her business from home while working full-time at the Hope Partnership for Education private school.

“It actually wasn’t that hard,” Martin says of owning a business and juggling his full-time job. “Maybe it’s because I’m doing this as an additional stream of income, rather than trying to go the full entrepreneurship route.”

Martin said his clients served as motivation for the creative process. Most of Hollistic Arrangements’ business is through word of mouth and referrals.

“Some of my clients are really creative in what they want or they ask for something that will bring out the creativity,” Martin said. “I love when clients bring me new ideas – something I haven’t done – that I know I can do.”

Although she doesn’t have a flurry of orders for Valentine’s Day, Martin said she expects business to pick up for the spring season.

Plans are underway for Martin to get a van and travel to neighborhoods around town to provide pop-up flower shops to residents of the community.

She said her concern for the community in running her business helps her stand out from other florists.

“I don’t necessarily do this from an involuntary dive into the capitalist mindset,” the North Philadelphia native said.

“It’s really just for the joy of customers and for people to be happy. It’s really a service business and for the community.

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