Florist Album Review: Florist – The Skinny


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Double double whammy

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Jul 29

“Home is a garden I can’t keep alive,” Emily Sprague sings of Dandelion – one of many apt gardening metaphors found on Florist’s albums. The band’s self-titled new release is their first as a full band in five years, operating as a form of rewilding. Recorded during a month-long retreat, the band fills these songs with space and natural ambiance; birds, crickets and the sound of rain duet with its members on a heartfelt collection of loose, exploratory folk songs.

The group nails its melancholic atmosphere. Sweet resampled sounds and improvised guitar become a dreamlike base on the many instrumental interludes that keep us in Florist’s hypnotic charm. These half-formed pieces give each fully-formed song a new impact. Red Bird Pt 2 (Morning) and Sci-fi Silence become magnificent moments of clarity. On the first, Sprague reflects on the ephemeral nature of memory after the death of his mother. She seeks her own moment of clarity during a return to her childhood home, finding solace in the consistency of nature – “She’s in the birdsong, she won’t leave”.

Florist already feels like an album to live with and grow with. It’s a warm embrace that asks the listener to smell the flowers from time to time.

To listen: Red Bird Pt 2 (Morning), Dandelion


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