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FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) – In Maryland, Frederick County Public Schools want to make sure students are ready to return to class this fall, which is why they have developed ten different programs to help support unfinished learning of students due to the pandemic.

These programs not only help students academically, but also expose students to different career paths.

Located in Frederick Maryland, the Career and Technology Center provides students with hands-on experience to learn about various careers with the potential to earn industry certificates and required lab hours.

There are various programs within the Career Technology Center, one of them being the Ag Business and Floral Design program, where students learn beekeeping and harvesting.

“Students learn all about bees and their anatomy and they learn about the crops we can plant here on campus that help bees thrive,” said Diane Herndon Ag Teacher for CTC.

Experts say that as pollinators, bees play a vital role in the ecosystem. They support the growth of trees and plants, which are used for food production and obviously keep our wildlife alive. This is why the students work hard to maintain the bee population.

This program gave students hands-on experience and introduced some to careers they had never thought of. Stella Krause is a student of the program and she says her participation in this program gave her great opportunities and helped her start a career in harvesting.

When the students are not with the bees, they are harvesting from the cutting garden to make flower arrangements for donation to a local nursing home.

To learn more about the different programs, visit 05.26.21 Summer programs Update_backup2-updated.pdf (boarddocs.com)

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