Battle Ground HS Students Learn Floral Design


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – For some students at Battle Ground High School, stopping to smell the flowers (and assembling them into bouquets) is a mandatory task.

Carissa Folgner teaches floral design at Battle Ground High School, March 13, 2019 (KOIN)

Horticultural science teacher Carissa Folgner teaches a class at the school on flower arrangements. Students taking the course do more than glue stems into pretty bouquets. Folgner told KOIN 6 News that students need to learn the rules before they start jamming rods in vases – and to learn these rules, they need to understand the story.

Humans have arranged flowers and plant material for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians did – as we can guess from the photos of bouquets they left on the walls and inside the tombs.

The Greeks and Romans also had a passion for floral design, as did the people of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Floral design was refined over the millennia until it finally blossomed during the Victorian era and turned into a legitimate activity, with official rules.

Folger teaches the standards that are still in place today to students at Battle Ground, as she believes they can be turned into marketable skills, especially for students who may not want to go down traditional routes after graduating. their diploma.

Ancient Egyptian floral art. (Courtesy of KOIN)

“They don’t necessarily want to go into academia – they learn about customer service,” Folger said. “The things they learn, they could go into their final portfolio for Floral 2 and find a job in a flower shop.”

While the class can help students after high school, it also offers immediate rewards.

Those taking the Floral 2 program can work in the school flower shop, where bouquets can be ordered by students and sent to others in the school.

All the flowers used in the program come from the Portland Flower Market. The Members Only Marketplace features dozens of vendors who wholesale flowers, plants, and supplies to floral customers who retail to the general public.

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