Amesbury florist ordered to stop harassing business owner


October 15 – AMESBURY – A Newburyport District Court judge last week ordered Greenery Designs owner Terrance Gleason to stop harassing Cider Hill Farm owner Karen Cook, court records show.

Justice Peter Doyle issued the order on October 8 following a courthouse hearing. The hearing came about 10 days after Cook accused Gleason of shouting “deer killer and animal killer and other verbal attacks” as she and her two children were completing construction work. landscaping at the Market Square Rotary on Sept. 29, according to his court affidavit.

The Rotary is located just a few yards from the Gleason Florist.

Cider Hill Farm is located at 45 Fern Ave. and has been a destination in Amesbury for almost 40 years. Farm co-owners Glenn and Karen Cook purchased the old 145-acre poultry and dairy farm in 1981.

The incident marked the third time since May 2013 that Gleason has yelled at Cook while landscaping areas around Market Square. The second incident occurred on June 21, this time in the presence of Mayor Kassandra Gove, and led to the notification of Police Chief Craig Bailey, according to court records.

The order, valid until October 28, prevents Gleason from harassing or contacting Cook in any way. While the harassment order is civil in nature, if Gleason violates it, he could be criminally charged and face jail time.

Cook could also ask to extend the order again. A judge can only make a harassment order if a person can report three separate acts of what the court considers harassment.

Gleason declined to comment on the order, but said he could say something once the legal issue is resolved. Glenn Cook also said neither he nor his wife could comment.

According to Karen Cook’s affidavit, Gleason yelled similar phrases at her on June 21 as she and Gove embellished Rotary.

“At that point, he called me a deer killer (expletive) and continued to curse me in front of a crowded street. The mayor was very shaken, as was I, and she called the chief of the police who came down, ”Cook wrote. in his affidavit.

Bailey confirmed that he responded to the incident and that Gove was present. Gove’s office confirmed the phone call to Bailey.

The first incident took place in May 2013 and involved Gleason yelling at Cook as she decorated the Ristorante Molise, also in the market square.

“He started yelling across the street, crossed the street three times to hurl insults that I was stealing things from him,” Cook wrote in his affidavit.

Dave Rogers is a reporter for the Daily News in Newburyport. Email him at: [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @ drogers41008.

Dave Rogers is a reporter for the Daily News in Newburyport. Email him at: [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @ drogers41008.

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