Amarillo Scott’s Flowers flower shop broken into 4 times in a month, precautions are taken


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – A 63-year-old Amarillo florist has been robbed four times in the past month.

Since the end of October, Scott’s Flowers has been robbed on several occasions.

Now many employees are scared and the florist is making changes to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“It has been a wonderful job. Really love it. To like. Meet new people, make people happy. Usually you don’t meet a hostile person, ”said James Johnson, delivery driver at Scott’s Flowers.

James is a delivery driver at Scott’s Flowers, but lately his job, usually filled with joy, has been filled with sadness.

“It’s sad. Very sad,” said Mary Ruth Albracht, owner of Scott’s Flowers.

The thief stole money, car parts and two delivery vans.

“He used our vans to go to places and burglarize places, other places,” Albracht said.

Cause alarm and stress for staff.

“It alarmed the women, the designers here inside the florist. This is of great concern to us. Especially the repetitive nature of the robberies. One after another, ”Johnson said.

Burglaries come during a busy time for the florist.

“We’ve had so many funeral orders because of COVID and it just puts more damage on your sanity to try and keep up with all of its shenanigans and all the things we need to watch out for,” Albracht said.

As for a suspect, Albracht says she thinks she knows who it is.

“We have it all from start to finish on video and it’s the same person every time,” said Albracht.

The Amarillo Police Department said the case is still under investigation, but in the meantime Scott’s Flowers continues to take his own precautions, hoping it doesn’t happen again.

“It’s just a tough time for everyone and an easy time for a thief,” Albracht said.

The two stolen delivery vans were ultimately abandoned and found by the community.

Now the florist keeps the vans in a different location overnight, which has increased surveillance.

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