A couple of florists robbed in an outdoor store


Mari and Aurelio Espinoza set up a small outdoor flower market at the bodega on the northwest corner of 104th and Amsterdam in May. Originally from Mexico, the charming couple brighten up the neighborhood with the bouquets they arrange themselves, small potted plants, aromatic herbs and fragrant hanging plants.

On Tuesday evening this week, Amy Meverden, a frequent customer who is friends with the couple, learned that a terrible misfortune had befallen them: two people had stolen $400 in cash from Aurelio’s jacket that evening, as well as some of their stock back. flowers.

Although she speaks Spanish at a very basic level, Amy took the time to talk with them and learn what had happened. “They said they thought people were targeting them because they were poor and older and it breaks my heart,” Amy posted on the neighborhood app. The next door. “They also said that maybe these people needed the money more than they did and that God would provide for them.”

ILTUWS spoke with Amy about the incident; she says it was the first time this had happened to the Espinozas since they settled in the area. “Aurelio and Mari bring beauty and community to the neighborhood,” she said. “They welcome humans and dogs with the same kindness, happy to exchange pleasantries with passers-by.”

Amy used Nextdoor as a platform to rally the neighborhood to support Mari and Aurelio and “…dating a really nice, lovely, and hardworking couple who are making our neighborhood better.” Of course, Upper West Siders answered his call. “I paid my dues with pleasure and love,” Ken Core wrote along with a photo of him and the smiling flower couple. “I’m going for a walk and buy flowers,” posted Danielle Gautier. “It’s such a shame that this happens to the elderly.”

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